The following are the questions frequently asked..

And, they come along with the answers frequently given 😉


Why cheaper?

Very simple. Less service is just cheaper!


Is it really that well located?

Absolutely. If you are not so sure, Google map it. It is a great tool.


What time is the check-in and checkout?

Check in is from 15hrs. Checkout is until 11hrs.


Can I leave my room after check out time?




Otherwise, what is the point to give a checkout hour.


Can I check-in early?




Because there is someone who is trying to check out later.


Can I arrive very late at night?



But I have no choice!

Still no!


This is not good hospitality!

We are really sorry. However, we can recommend many hotels that will be happy to welcome you in the middle of the night.


Yes, but they are more expensive!

Indeed, more service, more expensive.


Can I have a “Normal” service?

Yes of course. For a fee!


Do I really have to make my own bed?

No, but its way less comfortable.


I carelessly left my towel on the floor this morning, it is now all wet. Can I have another one?

Big mistake. Yes, there is a fee!


Really ?

Yes really. Less service is cheaper!


What is a room that needs rehabilitation?

It’s a nice way to express that if your mom saw in what state you left your room, you would have been grounded for month with no TV, no internet, nor dessert.


What is a rehabilitation?

It’s a lot more work. Much more work is more expensive.


Are the TV channels any good?

Since when is there anything good on TV? You are in the Alps, enjoy the great outdoor!


I have a car where do I park it?

There is a multitude of covered public garage on Courchevel


Why do not you offer a garage?

Less service, cheaper!


There was a lot of noise in the street last night, I couldn’t sleep. What are you going to do about it?

Well…Nothing, it happens sometimes. Whomever was screaming in the street last night is different from the one who will scream tonight or the next.


I want to leave earlier, it is possible?

Yes, once you have paid the full amount you owe us for the entire length of stay initially booked.


Come on! It’s not my fault, the weather is despicable and there is no snow!

It’s not ours either.


My room is not like the one I saw on internet. How come?

We have 32 rooms with all different sizes and shapes. Because it would not be very interesting to put all the photos online we only put the nicer ones.


Yes, but there is a big difference.

Not if you are in that room.


Is it me or it looks like your really don’t want to make your life difficult?

You are spot on! Just because fewer headaches and problem turn out to be cheaper. This how we stay true to the concept!